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Buying Dog Food What to think about?

Buying Dog Food is not just a no brainer. Think about what you are doing, and make sure that you are doing the best you can for your dog.

I have a generalization, that you should buy the best dog food you can afford. Usually more expensive is better, and it is but that does not mean that the most expensive dog food is best for your dog.

If you have a older or middle aged dog that is spayed and inactive, I probably would not suggest a pricy brand like Orejin. Whereas Orejin is about as good as it gets for most dogs, it may be too rich and too high in protein for the inactive dog. This may be a better choice for the on the go dog.

Some common mistakes when buying dog food:

  1. Buying too big a bag for a small dog. Just buy enough that will last about a month. Dry dog food will oxidize after awhile.
  2. Not checking expiration dates. Dog food has a long shelf life; up to a year in many cases, but why get the food that will expire in a month when there is a bag next to it that is fresher.
  3. storing the food in the wrong container
  4. storing your food in a damp area. The area should be dry , neat and clean.
  5. Not integrating a change in dog food gradually. You may get a bad experience in the beginning and get away from your new food too quickly. Some of the better foods you might be transistioning too might be much richer and your dog might take some time to acclimate to the new food.

Good luck, and always keep your dogs needs first in your mind. They need you to make the right decisions for them. It is not like they can just get in the car and go to Fetch or Stop & Shop by themselves.

store dog food selection

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