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How to socialize your puppy

              So you have a new puppy. Once you have dealt with harnessing all that energy, and you have curbed the chewing and gotten the dog to pee outside instead of on your couch, it might be time to start to socialize the dog around other people and other […]

How to make a dog snowman

We are on the eve of an epic storm in the northeast. We are supposed to get 2 feet of the white stuff. How to make a dog snow man?   1) Start with snow 2) pack it in the shape of the dog 3) shape it to match your favorite dog 4) embellish with […]

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Cohasset Village needs your help

Cohasset Village is the heart of Cohasset. The village is the gateway to the harbor and the closet place for Cohasset residents to get their basic needs.           We all know that in today’s day and age it is about big box stores and   internet shopping, but their is still […]