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Grain Free Dog Foods

Grain Free! New and improved! reduced fat!


Ok is this a marketing buzz word, or is this really important?

Let’s look at it.

What is grain in your dog’s food?  Is it all that bad?

Given a choice, I would pick a grain free. But, some dogs do very well on foods with grains. It really depends on how much and how high on the ingredient list they appear. Dog food companies ( the kind you find in your local grocer ) use grains like corn and rice as major ingredients. They are fillers and cheaper top produce than proteins and fats.

Is Grain free carb free?  NO.

Carbs are ok in moderation for a dog and high quality like sweet potato are tasty and good for your dog.

What happens if you decide to switch to grain free dog food?

You will see a firmer thicker stool and one that is less frequent. you should also see a decrease in gas from your dog.

Grain Free is a trend and a bit of a marketing bonanza, but it is not such a bad thing for your dog. Consult your vet and your independent dealer for more information and what brands might work best for your dog such as Orejin or Instinct.


Dog food Allergies

I am not a Vet. I do own a dog store and sell high quality pet foods.

Here is what I hear when someone comes in for food at least 50% of the time. ” My dog has a food allergy”

Ok I get it, but what is the allergy and what are the chances they are right?







After talking to a top vet who specializes in pet allergies, he tells me that only 3% of all dogs have a food allergy.

More research on the internet shows that 50% or more of all dogs have an allergy, but only 10% are food allergies.

So what is the deal?  Who is right?

I think that your dog had a reaction to something and a suggestion to change foods may have coincidently fixed the problem.

Your dog may have had a upset stomach from a chicken blend, or a dog food. For a vet to find out what protein might be causing the issue, they have to eliminate the proteins until they get it right.

Here is the rub, There are hidden proteins in all dog foods. They say limited ingredient, but they are not usually a singular protein.

What to do?

Talk to your vet, ask them if you can switch their food from what they recommend, and then ask them if you HAVE TO BUY what they sell.

Is it convenient, that they recommend brands like science diet when rates it 2 stars out of 5?

The bottom line is, research your food choice, buy the best, and do the best thing for your dog.

Costs of owning a dog

dog-puppy-for-sale-yesohhhI love dogs and you probably do too. It seems like all kids do too.

Mom can we get a dog?

Dad can we get a dog?

Stock answer:

If we get a dog, you will love it for a week and after that mom will walk it, feed it and take it for walks, not to mention how much they cost.


We have all heard it. Beyond the given about who will care for the dog, what does it cost?


The numbers vary by size and breed but the answer is somewhere between $1500 and $2500 per year. That is without any medical issues.

Where do the hidden costs lie?

  • Dog Food
  • Vet
  • toys
  • treats
  • insurance
  • grooming
  • license

These are a few. Lets talk about dog food.

ALWAYS buy the best premium dog food that you can afford. Buying cheap brands will cost youn in the long run. Cheap dog foods will cause you health problems in the long run and an unhealthy dog will generate large vet bills and your dog will, well just not live very long.

Foods like Orejin, acana,wellness, fromm,wild callings, blue and Merrick to name a few will give you a healthy dog and save you money in the long run.

How to transistion your dogs new food?

There comes a time in your dogs life that it is time to change up what they are eating.

1. from puppy to adult

2. diet change do to upset stomach

3. you are upgrading to a new and better food.

There are many reasons to change your dogs food, but the one thing to remember is to do it gradually. Just like yourself, if you ate the same thing EVERY day and all of a sudden someone took that away and switched you to say just indian food, how do you think you would react?

The key is to do it gradually over about a week.







cohasset pet store

what is rotational feeding for your dog or cat?


cohasset pet store
fetch cohasset rotational diet

People wonder what is rotational feeding, and is it god for their dog or cat.

Basically rotational feeding is changing up what you feed your pet.

Would you eat chicken and rice every meal for years on end, even if you liked it? probably not, and you might not be getting all the nutrients you need from a limited ingredient diet.





what are the benefits?

1) fewer food intolerences. when you feed the same thing over and over you can be come tolerant. Most food-related intolerances develop against common ingredients such as chicken, wheat, corn, or soy. These health issues typically develop over time because people consistently feed the same food over and over. Rotation feeding reduces the risk of developing intolerances, because your pet is not fed a single protein source long enough to become sensitive to it.

2) Dogs love it! Rotational feeding helps maintain interest at mealtime. When dogs and cats become overly accustomed to a single texture and taste, they can become less inclined to try new foods.

3)Proper balance diet. While most dog and cat foods claim to be “complete and balanced,” rotational feeding provides a variety of essential proteins and fats, promoting a nutrient intake that better matches the natural diet and promotes peak conditioning.

Try your dog or cat out on a new 5 star food found at Fetch 02025 in Cohasset. remember to gradually change thew food over by mixing the old with the new.

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