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Grain Free Dog Foods

Grain Free! New and improved! reduced fat! Ok is this a marketing buzz word, or is this really important? Let’s look at it. What is grain in your dog’s food? ┬áIs it all that bad? Given a choice, I would pick a grain free. But, some dogs do very well on foods with grains. It […]

Dog food Allergies

I am not a Vet. I do own a dog store and sell high quality pet foods. Here is what I hear when someone comes in for food at least 50% of the time. ” My dog has a food allergy” Ok I get it, but what is the allergy and what are the chances […]

Costs of owning a dog

I love dogs and you probably do too. It seems like all kids do too. Mom can we get a dog? Dad can we get a dog? Stock answer: If we get a dog, you will love it for a week and after that mom will walk it, feed it and take it for walks, […]

How to transistion your dogs new food?

There comes a time in your dogs life that it is time to change up what they are eating. Reasons: 1. from puppy to adult 2. diet change do to upset stomach 3. you are upgrading to a new and better food. There are many reasons to change your dogs food, but the one thing […]

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what is rotational feeding for your dog or cat?

  People wonder what is rotational feeding, and is it god for their dog or cat. Basically rotational feeding is changing up what you feed your pet. Would you eat chicken and rice every meal for years on end, even if you liked it? probably not, and you might not be getting all the nutrients […]