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Our store looked like #@!%^  when we rented it and now it is b beautiful, full of a huge variety of products for all of your pets at the lowest prices around.

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What makes a good dog toy?

First off one that is safe for your dog and second one that is interactive and fun.

One thing I know is that dogs love their toys, and at Fetch we have hundreds of them.

The number one question we get from shoppers is do you have anything that is indestructible? ” my dog rips everything” .

The answer is yes we have many “almost” indestructible toys, like the Planet dog line of toys. They are cute and they will last forever, BUT, dogs still prefer less of a challenge and they like the plush soft toys that they can maul, rip apart and go squeakier hunting.

Is the purpose to make the dog happy, then give up on the heavy plastic toys and the rubber tires and get them the surprisingly super tough plush toys on the market.

Some of my favorites are the hugglehounds and the fluff and tough toys. They both have a inner lining, are double stitched and filled with filling that is not harmful to your dog.

They are also really cute and come in dozens of different animals, fish and other characters.




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store dog food selection

Buying Dog Food What to think about?

Buying Dog Food is not just a no brainer. Think about what you are doing, and make sure that you are doing the best you can for your dog.

I have a generalization, that you should buy the best dog food you can afford. Usually more expensive is better, and it is but that does not mean that the most expensive dog food is best for your dog.

If you have a older or middle aged dog that is spayed and inactive, I probably would not suggest a pricy brand like Orejin. Whereas Orejin is about as good as it gets for most dogs, it may be too rich and too high in protein for the inactive dog. This may be a better choice for the on the go dog.

Some common mistakes when buying dog food:

  1. Buying too big a bag for a small dog. Just buy enough that will last about a month. Dry dog food will oxidize after awhile.
  2. Not checking expiration dates. Dog food has a long shelf life; up to a year in many cases, but why get the food that will expire in a month when there is a bag next to it that is fresher.
  3. storing the food in the wrong container
  4. storing your food in a damp area. The area should be dry , neat and clean.
  5. Not integrating a change in dog food gradually. You may get a bad experience in the beginning and get away from your new food too quickly. Some of the better foods you might be transistioning too might be much richer and your dog might take some time to acclimate to the new food.

Good luck, and always keep your dogs needs first in your mind. They need you to make the right decisions for them. It is not like they can just get in the car and go to Fetch or Stop & Shop by themselves.

store dog food selection

Dog Farts

dog 3

Yes all dogs fart, as a matter of fact all people fart ( except woman of course )

So your dog farts, what does that mean?

How much? if it is all too often, then your dog might have a good reason.

Why dogs fart:

  • change in diet
  • poor diet
  • bad dog food
  • intestinal disorder ( see your vet)
  • fermentation of food that is not being digested quickly
  • Gobbling


Farts come from air, and air comes from eating too fast. Try to slow down how fast the dog eats.

There are dozens of bowls with crazy configurations that will help slow down the gobbling of food.

Dogs fart, people fart so deal with it, but if your dog is driving you out of the room, try a few things.

try to get a better quality dog food try slowing down how fast they eat. try probiotics and supplements.


The healthiest dogs get the best nutrition, and regular exercise.


Helpful tip

if you are going to blame the dog for all of your own farts, make sure they are in the room.

Celebrities and their dogs

We have been known to have a few celebities living in Cohasset and walking our streets.

Here are a few celebrities with their dogs.

Menounas doggie picture
Maria Menounos


Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey O’Day




Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston


Local star Steve Carell
Local star Steve Carell




write your own caption
write your own caption

Happy Halloween from Fetch02025!

Happy Halloween!Three tips for your dogs costume

1) make sure it fits and is not too tight. The dog needs to move and tight clothes cause poor circulation

2)do not cover the dogs face. Dogs are visual, and need to see as well as hear commands

3)Make sure there are no small buttons or items that can cause a choking hazard
and of course, try not to embarrass your dog too much!!

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