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Grain Free Dog Foods

Grain Free! New and improved! reduced fat!


Ok is this a marketing buzz word, or is this really important?

Let’s look at it.

What is grain in your dog’s food?  Is it all that bad?

Given a choice, I would pick a grain free. But, some dogs do very well on foods with grains. It really depends on how much and how high on the ingredient list they appear. Dog food companies ( the kind you find in your local grocer ) use grains like corn and rice as major ingredients. They are fillers and cheaper top produce than proteins and fats.

Is Grain free carb free?  NO.

Carbs are ok in moderation for a dog and high quality like sweet potato are tasty and good for your dog.

What happens if you decide to switch to grain free dog food?

You will see a firmer thicker stool and one that is less frequent. you should also see a decrease in gas from your dog.

Grain Free is a trend and a bit of a marketing bonanza, but it is not such a bad thing for your dog. Consult your vet and your independent dealer for more information and what brands might work best for your dog such as Orejin or Instinct.


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