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Cohasset Working Dog Foundation

Did you know that Cohasset has a charity that provides working dogs to residents in Cohasset. These are special dogs for special people. I have been involved with a similar organization and the caregiving of these people, the dogs and the recipients is un paralleled. This is a little about this great organization: The Cohasset […]

Meet the Cohasset Dog officer

        Cohasset is lucky enough to have a K-9 officer by the name of Patrick Reardon and his 4 year old German Shepard ” Erik”   Erik and patrick stand by to support the police in many endeavors including tracking down bad guys, finding lost children and ” sniffing” out suspicious characters […]

Happy Halloween from Fetch02025!

Happy Halloween!Three tips for your dogs costume 1) make sure it fits and is not too tight. The dog needs to move and tight clothes cause poor circulation 2)do not cover the dogs face. Dogs are visual, and need to see as well as hear commands 3)Make sure there are no small buttons or items […]

Fetch02025 is coming to Cohasset!

Fetch will sell all the products you will need for your dog or cat. We will stock only 5 star quality brand dog/cat foods and treats. We live in Cohasset and support the Cohasset Village shops. We are dedicated to serving the Cohasset community.