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How to socialize your puppy

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So you have a new puppy. Once you have dealt with harnessing all that energy, and you have curbed the chewing and gotten the dog to pee outside instead of on your couch, it might be time to start to socialize the dog around other people and other dogs.

3 tips on how to get started:

1) Start by taking your puppy to a busy place with some action such as the supermarket, or school. There is a lot of excitement and people who are moving fast. Start out for 10-15 minutes and work up top half an hour. Always keep the dog leashed and harnessed.


2) Next take the dog to the local cafe like French Memories in the village. Bring water and treats. Have the puppy sit and behave while others enjoy their coffee and lunch.


3) lastly take a walk. Go to the local dog park like Stddard park in Hingham and have your puppy get used to other dogs. Organize a neighborhood walking group.


All these things will eventually end the dogs anxiety around people and other dogs and you will have a well behaved social dog. If this all works, then maybe you can get your pup their own blog or Facebook page and take being social to a whole bother level.


As always good luck!


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