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Glenn  Montgomery


What makes a good dog toy?

First off one that is safe for your dog and second one that is interactive and fun.

One thing I know is that dogs love their toys, and at Fetch we have hundreds of them.

The number one question we get from shoppers is do you have anything that is indestructible? ” my dog rips everything” .

The answer is yes we have many “almost” indestructible toys, like the Planet dog line of toys. They are cute and they will last forever, BUT, dogs still prefer less of a challenge and they like the plush soft toys that they can maul, rip apart and go squeakier hunting.

Is the purpose to make the dog happy, then give up on the heavy plastic toys and the rubber tires and get them the surprisingly super tough plush toys on the market.

Some of my favorites are the hugglehounds and the fluff and tough toys. They both have a inner lining, are double stitched and filled with filling that is not harmful to your dog.

They are also really cute and come in dozens of different animals, fish and other characters.




puppy restaurant

How to socialize your puppy

puppy restaurant








So you have a new puppy. Once you have dealt with harnessing all that energy, and you have curbed the chewing and gotten the dog to pee outside instead of on your couch, it might be time to start to socialize the dog around other people and other dogs.

3 tips on how to get started:

1) Start by taking your puppy to a busy place with some action such as the supermarket, or school. There is a lot of excitement and people who are moving fast. Start out for 10-15 minutes and work up top half an hour. Always keep the dog leashed and harnessed.


2) Next take the dog to the local cafe like French Memories in the village. Bring water and treats. Have the puppy sit and behave while others enjoy their coffee and lunch.


3) lastly take a walk. Go to the local dog park like Stddard park in Hingham and have your puppy get used to other dogs. Organize a neighborhood walking group.


All these things will eventually end the dogs anxiety around people and other dogs and you will have a well behaved social dog. If this all works, then maybe you can get your pup their own blog or Facebook page and take being social to a whole bother level.


As always good luck!


Fetch Cohasset

Pet Store in Cohasset

Fetch 02025 in Cohasset


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South Shore


store dog food selection

Grain Free Dog Foods

Grain Free! New and improved! reduced fat!


Ok is this a marketing buzz word, or is this really important?

Let’s look at it.

What is grain in your dog’s food?  Is it all that bad?

Given a choice, I would pick a grain free. But, some dogs do very well on foods with grains. It really depends on how much and how high on the ingredient list they appear. Dog food companies ( the kind you find in your local grocer ) use grains like corn and rice as major ingredients. They are fillers and cheaper top produce than proteins and fats.

Is Grain free carb free?  NO.

Carbs are ok in moderation for a dog and high quality like sweet potato are tasty and good for your dog.

What happens if you decide to switch to grain free dog food?

You will see a firmer thicker stool and one that is less frequent. you should also see a decrease in gas from your dog.

Grain Free is a trend and a bit of a marketing bonanza, but it is not such a bad thing for your dog. Consult your vet and your independent dealer for more information and what brands might work best for your dog such as Orejin or Instinct.


How to make a dog snowman

We are on the eve of an epic storm in the northeast. We are supposed to get 2 feet of the white stuff.

How to make a dog snow man?


1) Start with snow

2) pack it in the shape of the dog

3) shape it to match your favorite dog

4) embellish with a piece of coal for a nose and a fetch stick in their mouth.

snow dog snowdog2 snowdogpink snowman snowshephard sowbulldog

shop cohasset

Cohasset Village needs your help

shop cohasset

Cohasset Village is the heart of Cohasset. The village is the gateway to the harbor and the closet place for Cohasset residents to get their basic needs.






We all know that in today’s day and age it is about big box stores and   internet shopping, but their is still a place for shopping local, with a personal touch and a place where the shop owners know your name. That is why the stores, shops and offices in Cohasset village need the towns support.

Two things I hear everyday is there is too many real estate offices in the village and more importantly from the shop owners that they have not ever taken a paycheck from their business. The  previous owner of twist before she sold closed the store in the winter and said that staying open was not worth paying the utility bills .

So, why do we have so many real estate offices?  Think about it. You sell one $1,000,000 home at a 5% commission that is $50,000. That alone would be enough to float a shop owner in the village for a year.

The hardware store closed, the deli closed,  The liquor store left, Twist sold, several shops have a for sale sign, and many more struggle to keep up.

So how can we help?

First off, the town can help by keeping the parking clear and available. Did you know that most of the spaces in the town parking lot are full everyday with commuters who drop their car and then get picked up by someone else on their way to the train or in a carpool?  The few parallel spaces in town are occupied by HUGE SUV’S that make it hard to navigate through town. lastly the trees that were planted to beautify the street have obstructed and obfuscated the signs of all the retailers.


Residents can shop local. If you have a choice to buy a dress, purchase a gift, need a light, or a bag of dog food, or just need a bite to eat, Choose your hometown before heading off to Scituate or Hingham. There is nothing wrong with our sister towns, but they have better centers of commerce than Cohasset because that is where we go to do our business.

Keep it local if you can.

No one is getting rich in the village and for Cohasset village to remain vital and vibrant and not be a ghost town of empty shops, it will take the support of the whole town. It is the store owners that support the local teams and advertise in the school paper and yearbooks . It is the shopkeepers that light the village at Christmas and it is the store owners that know your name.


I am one resident that has not done enough of my part in the past, but now that I know what I know, I am going to choose shopping local first before I head out of town.


store dog food selection

Buying Dog Food What to think about?

Buying Dog Food is not just a no brainer. Think about what you are doing, and make sure that you are doing the best you can for your dog.

I have a generalization, that you should buy the best dog food you can afford. Usually more expensive is better, and it is but that does not mean that the most expensive dog food is best for your dog.

If you have a older or middle aged dog that is spayed and inactive, I probably would not suggest a pricy brand like Orejin. Whereas Orejin is about as good as it gets for most dogs, it may be too rich and too high in protein for the inactive dog. This may be a better choice for the on the go dog.

Some common mistakes when buying dog food:

  1. Buying too big a bag for a small dog. Just buy enough that will last about a month. Dry dog food will oxidize after awhile.
  2. Not checking expiration dates. Dog food has a long shelf life; up to a year in many cases, but why get the food that will expire in a month when there is a bag next to it that is fresher.
  3. storing the food in the wrong container
  4. storing your food in a damp area. The area should be dry , neat and clean.
  5. Not integrating a change in dog food gradually. You may get a bad experience in the beginning and get away from your new food too quickly. Some of the better foods you might be transistioning too might be much richer and your dog might take some time to acclimate to the new food.

Good luck, and always keep your dogs needs first in your mind. They need you to make the right decisions for them. It is not like they can just get in the car and go to Fetch or Stop & Shop by themselves.

store dog food selection

name your dog

most popular dog names in Cohasset

name your dog












My dogs name is Zachery B Fonsworth III   But we call him Zack, or B or Zackie or Fonsworth, it does not matter he answers to all of them ( especially if you have a treat from fetch 02025)

So what are the most popular dog names in Cohasset









If your dog has one of these names, there are at least 2 others around town with the same dog tags.

So what are the top names for dogs in 2014 :


  1. Max
  2. Buddy
  3. Charlie
  4. Jack
  5. Cooper
  6. Rocky
  7. Toby
  8. Tucker
  9. Jake
  10. Bear




  1. Bella
  2. Lucy
  3. Daisy
  4. Molly
  5. Lola
  6. Sophie
  7. Sadie
  8. Maggie
  9. Chloe
  10. Bailey


I am surprised that there are not more Brady’s.   Jeter is one of the top 10 sports names for dogs in 2014


I always liked Butch and or waffles, but I never seem to have a say in it.

South Shore Dog Artists













If you are interested in an original painting of your dog, or maybe a remembrance of one of your pets that has passed, Fetch features a number of local artists in the store.

You would deal directly with the artist when it comes to what you want and the cost. The money goes directly to your selected artist.

pencil drawings, or acrylic paintings.

Featured Artists:

Amanda Montgomery

Charles Sorrento ( painting of “DOC” featured above).


Fetch gallery

39 South Main Street

Cohasset Ma




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